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Permanent Jewelry



What is it? 

Permanent Jewelry is The Wild Flowers' exclusive in-store service where a bracelet or anklet is welded onto your wrist or ankle by one of our jewelers, eliminating the need for a clasp.  You can add charms to commemorate special occasions and/or moments in your life. 


Will it tarnish? 

Unless exposed to certain chemicals (especially cleaning supplies), our 14K gold and sterling silver will not tarnish.  If you have any concerns about your selected chain, make sure to ask your jeweler before welding. 


How permanent is my welded bracelet/anklet? 

Our delicate chains are meant to stay on for years, but if you wish to remove it, you can carefully cut it with a pair of scissors at the end of the ring that connects the chain together. You can always make another appointment to get it re-welded.  


Can I bring my own chain to be welded?

No, you must purchase a chain from our selection.


How do I book an appointment? 

We are accepting appointments starting December 1st and can't wait to see you!