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Ace of Something

Ace of Something

As the summer season begins to slip away and the chill in the air moves in, there is nothing like a good hat to shade the eyes and warm the head. And who doesn’t look instantly put together with a classic felt fedora hat? 

Ace of Something isn’t just a hat maker.

Based out of Australia, they pride themselves in being an ethical, sustainable, and environmentally conscious company. They assess prospective supplier’s workplaces. They make it their business to understand how their products are produced and the impacts of those productions. Their wool is 100% Australian wool, and the vegan leather used in detailing does not harm any animals -all while providing a realistic leather-look finish.

Ace of Something is constantly looking for improvements- from where their products are sourced right down to their packaging. 

Combined with their obsession for quality and you have a classic piece that you can feel great about wearing for many seasons to come. Stop by Wildflower to find one of these amazing Aussie hats for yourself in Hailey.

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