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Fashion Forward Blog - Faherty - The Wildflower Clothing Boutique
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Faherty Overalls are just stinkin’ cute.

Even your grandmother looks adorable in a pair. Short overalls take it to another level. So casual, effortless, and amazingly comfortable. Slip them over your favorite tee, tube, or tank top, and wallah! Done.  

These short and standard length overalls at Wildflower this summer are by a brand called Faherty. A family-run business whose goal is to build a new American legacy by creating high-quality, feel-good favorites that bring you joy when you wear them.

Sigh… If only all of our clothing brands could be as amazing as Faherty. They aim to be better stewards of the planet by using sustainable products, non-toxic dyes, and water-efficient practices. They have a goal to be 90% plastic-free by the end of this year!

In addition to amazing can-do/will-do good business practices, they also partner with Native artists, A Second U, and other organizations committed to making the world a better place. 

Stop by Wildflower and try on a pair. The effortless summer vibe they give off, along with knowing they came from an incredible company, will soon make them one of your favorite summer pieces.

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