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K. Hall Designs

K. Hall Designs

You simply MUST check out the fragrances by K. Hall Designs. Known for their true-to-name scents, their uniquely handcrafted, vegetable-based ingredients will have you swooning with aromatherapy delight. Beautiful diffusers with scents such as milk, sandalwood, and amber are designed to make your space smell fresh-not overpowered like a department store fragrance counter.

Stop by Wildflower in either Hailey or Ketchum and see for yourself why this company has flourished in recent years to bring hundreds of products to consumers while maintaining its core focus on the highest quality products.

And yes, all products are free from parabens and petrochemical surfactants. What are surfactants you ask? Well … they are little compounds found in everyday items which can determine how well a product works, and some can be quite irritating. So K. Hall Designers leave those out of their products like soaps and lotions. This company also sources from American farmers and all products are cruelty-free. Win-win!

So if you want people to come to your home, office, or any other space and have them saying wow- it smells really good in here- get your cute little nose over to the Wildflower and pick out your favorite K. Hall Designs signature scent.

Wacky Fact:

The term surfactant is actually a combination of its meaning: surface acting agent. surfactant = SURFace ACTing AgeNT. It seems that surfactants have several names that all become applicable depending on the role of the surfactant. For example, where foam is the finished product, the surfactant used may be referred to as foaming agents.

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