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Kary Kjesbo Design

Kary Kjesbo Design

Intentionally creative 

When choosing a piece of jewelry, many people prefer something that doesn’t scream “bought at a strip mall.” We want something as unique as we are. Sure, a simple silver chain might do on occasion, but when you want to have a piece with more intention behind it – and a bit more of a creative edge, Kary Kjebo’s designs are the pieces you are looking for. Her one-of-a-kind designs will have you picking out something for yourself and also lingering over another because it just feels like the perfect gift for someone else. 

Kary Kjesbo has a flair for incorporating one-of-a-kind antiquities into her pieces.

Hand-crafted and edgy pieces are part of her Essential Collection and her Signature Line. In addition to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and cuffs, she also has decorative belts with rich leather and silver chains. 

Kary Kjesbo, Decades of design 

Designing locally for over two decades in Sun Valley, ID, this local designer chooses materials for her spring and fall seasonal collections -handpicking them herself. Limited editions of precious stones and South Sea and freshwater pearls are among her creations. Versatile enough to compliment any outfit and even work with other pieces in her collection, her experience shines through as she seems to know how her pieces will be worn and appreciated. 

Check out her collections at The Wildflower – Hailey and online!

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