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Oat NY

Oat NY

After a year of living in casual clothing 24/7, have you given much thought to re-entering back to the new normal? Giving your casual clothing an update is probably worth a long hard consideration.

Not to worry my yoga pants queen. You’ve got this. OAT NY is one of those companies that make casual clothing that actually has some personality. Stop by Wildflower in Ketchum or Hailey and try on some super soft comfy jeans, capris, shirt dresses. So many items that you can tell just by looking at them they will feel fabulous when you wear them.

Casual and classic can work together. It’s ok! Your leggings will still be there. However, you may find yourself slipping into something that just looks a little more put together -but still says I’m keeping this informal. Reclaim your casual look pandemic survivors. The Wildflower is here for you.

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