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PJ Salvage

PJ Salvage

We all have some version of sleepwear in our lives- even a well-worn t-shirt or your birthday suit. But when the colder temps arrive, there is something about putting on your most comfortable pajamas for a winter slumber. 

Casual pursuits

PJ Salvage is a company with an unexpected purpose- the pursuit of a comfy, casual lifestyle. They celebrate investing in rest. And while it’s not something you hear every day, it’s a welcome change. Ok to lounge? To feel comfortable? It’s as though we have been given permission. Valuing downtime as a great luxury of life is what PJ Salvage stands for. 

Lazy? Not quite…

And while they might believe in “living life cozy”, they aren’t taking a comfy back seat to social rights. The company takes hard stands on trade-free products and human trafficking. They choose raw materials supplied by a global network of partners, and they sell globally.

So while you cozy up and catch some zzz’s, your conscious can also rest easy. You chose PJs made by a caring company committed to your downtime and others’ well-being. How’s that for a win-win? 

Perfectly priced PJs

And guess who has PJ Salvage? Yep, your friends at The Wildflower. Priced perfectly, allowing you to pick up a few sets for gifts, and you will be able to treat yourself! Just want a top or bottoms? No problem! Mix and match- there are even hoodies and socks to choose from in fun and festive patterns.  Visit The Wildflower in Hailey or online to see all the PJ Salvage inventory and other fabulous items this season. 

Happy Holidays from The Wildflower!

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