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Fashion Forward Blog - Sundry - The Wildflower Clothing Boutique
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Who hasn’t arrived home after a long day to reach for the most comfortable article of clothing to change into? So why not wear something that feels amazing all day long? Sundry clothing aims to provide that feeling with every piece they create. Available at Wildflower, this designer brand believes that color, quality, and the softest of fabrics keep one in great spirits. 

Pairing their fun Mediterranean/French/California travel vibe with tanks, tees, loungewear, and other comfy one-of-a-kind items- is a mood boost in and of itself. Add to this the quality fabrics used and it’s a heavenly match made for any gal’s closet. 

Want to feel like you are on vacation every day? Visit Wildflower in Hailey. See you soon!

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