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Sweater Care

Sweater Care

Sometimes we hesitate to purchase the best and softest of sweaters because we are unsure how to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips to keep your coziest of clothes lasting for many seasons to come.


Some garments don’t need washing every time you wear them. Sweaters fall into this category. 

Do follow the suggested care instructions included by the manufacturer. If you are unsure, reach out to the brand or contact a local dry-cleaner. 

Most can be machine washed on a delicate setting. Consider using garment bags for this purpose. If washing by hand, use a mild clothes detergent. Wool and wool blends should always be dry-cleaned.


To quickly dry sweaters, roll them in a towel to coax any remaining water from the fabric. Then lay flat. Some items can take a few days to dry so plan ahead.


Always fold, never hang your sweaters. Hanging stretches the sweaters and can create unnatural shapes. Follow these tips for folding sweaters:

  1. Lay a sweater out flat so that the back is facing upward.
  2. Fold the left quarter of the sweater inward, and fold the arm back onto the left side of the sweater. Repeat for the right side.
  3. Fold the top third of the sweater down toward the bottom edge.
  4. Repeat, folding the sweater inward on itself into thirds.

Ditch the itch

If your sweater is making you super uncomfortable, try soaking in cold water with some liquid fabric softener for 30 min. 


When the soft furry balls from the yarn start to pill up, people often feel their favorite sweater is on its way out. Bring new life back into your sweaters by using a sweater shaver, sweater stone, or a cheap razor. With a little effort, your sweater will be looking fabulous.


You can mend a sweater by using a sewing needle or a crochet hook. Use the hook to pull snags back through to the backside, knot the excess yarn, and trim if necessary.

Moths, dust, and other hazards can easily damage these knitted garments. Plastic totes and large plastic bags will keep your sweaters protected when not being used.


Cuffs often become stretched from repeatedly pushing up sleeves. To reshape, place the cuff in a large cup of hot water and gently reshape. Dry with a hairdryer to get it back to its normal size.

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